Clayton Mooney - Solving Global Problems

Clayton Mooney has had a multitude of travel experience which made him passionate in finding solutions for developing countries. KinoSol has allowed Clayton to creatively address those issues.


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International Experiences: Germany, Denmark, Ireland, United Kingdom, Isle of Man, France, Spain, Portugal, Italy, Switzerland, Brazil, Uganda, Tanzania

Obscure Talent: 3 winning guesses during “how many jelly beans are in a jar?” contests

Favorite Color: Cardinal Red

Dream Adventure: Traveling to every Major League Baseball stadium over 1 season

Clayton's inspiration comes from his many travels around the world, starting at a young age. His travels have helped him create life-long friendships, appreciate different cultures, and to better understand the world's issues with an open-minded approach. He is always up for new ventures, and problem solving along the way provides him with a high level of satisfaction.

KinoSol has allowed Clayton to creatively address and begin to solve problems for those in developing countries. Clayton loves critical thinking and taking uncommon approaches toward subjects. Clayton is in charge of writing and sharing KinoSol’s story to audiences around the world. Clayton provides input into each KinoSol unit to help future models be more efficient, and help stakeholders to understand KinoSol’s strategy and vision.