Elise Kendall - International Development

Elise Kendall is our visual guru here at KinoSol. She manages the vision of the food waste reducing product, website design, and all marketing collateral.

get to know elise:

International Experiences: China, Thailand, France, Nepal, Portugal, Uganda, Ireland, Germany, and England
Obscure Talent: She can fit 22 grapes in her mouth at once
Favorite Colors: Olive Green and Burgundy  
Dream Adventure: Selling all her belongings and sailing around the world

Elise was raised in Minnesota and grew up dreaming of traveling the world. A love for other cultures and desire to see a change in global inequalities pushed her to pursue a career in international development. Traveling to Asia opened her eyes to the poverty millions face around the world and inspired her to make a change.  She plans to work in development and spend her life sustaining livelihoods and the environment around the globe.   

KinoSol has combined Elise’s passion for development with her strong sense of design. Since a young age Elise has had a love for all things artistic and uses this talent for developing KinoSol's aesthetic. Elise is in charge of everything visual for the company.  This includes the creative vision of the product, website design, and all marketing collateral.