Ella Gehrke - Ending Poverty and Malnutrition Worldwide

Ella Gehrke is our persuasive personality, who continuously expands our company through partnerships in an effort to raise food waste awareness.

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International Experience: India, El Salvador, Portugal, France, Spain, Morocco, Uganda, and the Netherlands

Obscure Talent: Sheep impersonations

Favorite Color: Royal Blue

Dream Adventure: Exploring the inner workings of the Pyramids of Giza

Ella’s passion comes from the time spent traveling through El Salvador and India.  There she gained insight on poverty and malnutrition that many her age lack.  This inspired her passion for global health, especially women’s health, in the developing world.  When you have seen stunting and malnutrition standing in front of you, there is no going back to an ignorant lifestyle.

KinoSol has provided Ella with a tangible solution to the problems she had heard about in class and witnessed during her travels.  She was able to apply her leadership skills and work ethic to a project that would inevitably save lives.  Ella uses her persuasive personality to land partnerships, continuously expanding the company globally. Partnerships are vital to the success of KinoSol and Ella is working to ensure farmers around the world have the opportunity to utilize the simplistic design to battle global malnutrition prevalence.