Reduce Food Waste to Save the Third

Globally, 1/3 of food is wasted before it can be consumed. KinoSol aims to reduce this food waste with sustainable food dehydrators for communities in need.

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 Fresh Food Market

Fresh Food Market


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Each night one in eight people on earth fall asleep with nothing in their stomach. The problem is not lack of food, but lack of reliable access.  There is food to feed the world's hungry, but unfortunately it ends up rotting before anyone can consume it. Currently, we are throwing away over one third of edible food every year, which is enough to feed every hungry person currently living on earth. If current waste trends continue, food production will need to increase 70-100% to feed a population of 9 billion people; which is estimated to occur in the year 2050.  Increasing environmental degradation is escalating issues associated with food production as well. The world must grow more food on less land, with fewer available resources, and more marginal inputs.  Creating products which aim to reduce food waste while sustaining environmental resources is becoming a prevalent need with each passing day.