Mikayla Sullivan - Sustainable Solutions to Food Waste

Mikayla Sullivan is in charge of global partnerships, product development, and business activities to move KinoSol forward in solving global food waste.

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International experience: Mexico, Germany, Czech Republic, Poland, England, France, Greece, Malta, Japan, India, Indonesia, Italy, Ireland, Morocco, Croatia, Slovenia, Bosnia, Montenegro, Turkey, Thailand, Spain, Canada, Rwanda, Uganda, Tanzania, and Kenya

Obscure talent: Certified elephant mahoot (can successfully climb up the trunk of an elephant)!

Favorite color: Purple

Dream adventure: Hiking the ancient Inca trails through Machu Picchu.


Mikayla's desire come from the first-hand experience of what poverty truly means, visiting rural villages in Mexico. Since that day, she has been inspired to learn as much as she can to help improve rural development and living standards around the world. Years of traveling and learning about other cultures has allowed Mikayla to see life from other people's perspectives in order to create solutions that will truly be beneficial.

KinoSol has allowed Mikayla to turn her dream of providing sustainable solutions to people in need, into a reality. Mikayla was able to take her strong work ethic and determination to succeed and take a simple idea and work to turn it into a business. Mikayla covers day-to-day operations, ensuring new partnerships are sought out, production and testing progresses, and business activities move KinoSol’s vision forward to becoming a sustainable company.