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It all began as the simple goal of improving the lives of rural families. In our travels we had witnessed hungry farmers who worked all day to grow food that ended up rotting. One third of all food on earth is wasted, which hits hardest for small-scale subsistence farmers. We had a passion to preserve this preventable loss and this led us to create a simple tool; the Orenda. This lightweight solar dehydrator dries and stores produce for months past its fresh counterpart. Dehydration is an easy and inexpensive way to avoid post-harvest loss and storage increases the availability of food during low and no harvest periods. Orenda has a lightweight and collapsible design so it can be easily stored, moved, and shared. 

Having access to storage will increase food availability so farmers can feed their family along with having excess produce to sell. In many places dehydrated food earns a higher price at the market due to the shelf life. The lightweight design increases market accessibility so farmers can start small businesses selling their harvests. This is a fantastic opportunity for young adults and women, who are generally marginalized and have fewer possibilities to earn an income. Orendas not only reduce waste, but promotes gender equality!


In much of the developing world, women take on the role of providing food for their family. They travel long distances to buy, sell, and trade at the market, but have less access to the resources needed to accomplish these tasks. Orendas are lightweight, easy to use, and encourage a change for women and other marginalized groups. This is a tool not only to reduce hunger, but create entrepreneurial opportunities. 


only 24% of people living in Sub-Saharan Africa have access to electricity.

This fact encouraged us to find a solution that required no electrical inputs.  Orenda uses a natural convection system that allows airflow without a fan.  This speeds up the dehydration so farmers can dry more produce throughout the day.  Low technology makes our design sustainable and able to function in diverse environments.  

Made from durable Lexane plastic, Orendas can withstand even the harshest environments. Farmers do not need to worry about wasting their hard earned income on a device which may break. Many new technologies rely on electric or computerized inputs which prevents many rural farmers from accessing updated technology. Using a completely natural system increases the sustainability of the product, ensuring everyone around the world can harness the power of Orenda.


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Get to know each of our backgrounds and learn what inspires us to end food waste. We all bring a unique talent to the team and have worked tirelessly to make KinoSol what it is today!