The Orenda Food Dehydrator Design

Our Orenda food dehydrator is designed to dehydrate food using only solar power, so it can be used by anyone no matter their income or location.


A large proportion of food waste stems from the lack of resources which preserve food for small-scale farmers.  Improper infrastructure, storage facilities, and education about harvest periods cause a large amount of yields to rot and spoil before consumption.  Dehydration is an easy and inexpensive way to avoid loss.  When dehydrating food all the moisture is removed, which keeps the produce from going bad.  Molds, yeast, and bacteria all need water and oxygen to propagate.  Dehydrating still maintains a majority of the essential nutrients which are found in its fresh counterpart.  In the dehydration process, the produce retains all of its iron and fiber while concentrating their calories, nutrients, and sugar contents.  This makes dehydrated food good for quick energy and a nutritious source of needed inputs to keep individuals strong and healthy.  



A majority of dehydration systems in the developing world are large-scale programs that purchase fruit from local farmers, process, and then export the product to the developed world. Unlike these systems, Orendas are small-scale and meant to be used by communities and families.  This way the produce stays where the nutrients are needed and creates a potential for entrepreneurship on a local scale.    


Below the dehydrator portion, all Orendas have a storage component. A large portion of post-harvest loss occurs because farmers are unable to keep yields safe from pests and environmental factors. Our storage units come with resealable Mylar bags.  Mylar protects food from heat, light, moisture, oxygen, and pests.  


Orendas rely on a natural convection system, which allows produce to fully dehydrate without using any electrical inputs. By using ventilation holes, heat is transferred from the bottom of the unit, flowing up through the top.  This system allows moisture to escape while trapping heat within the units. Using a gentle and natural system prevents nutrient depletion during the heating process. 

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