Welcome to One Sunny Day!

Welcome to One Sunny Day, KinoSol’s blog!

We’re trying something new here on the KinoSol website: using a new platform to share our knowledge and experience with you for free. While our Three Mangoes Newsletter is great for keeping you up-to-date on all that’s happening within KinoSol itself, this blog series will be dedicated to a larger purview. From new recipes for your dehydrators to interviews with our team to in-depth examinations of food preservation around the world, this blog series is dedicated to bringing you the best information out there on reducing food waste and living healthier. 

Why ‘One Sunny Day’? Because that’s all it takes for a solar dehydrator to start reducing food waste and improving family nutrition. Given sunshine and a solid eight hours, a dehydrator can start you down the path toward a healthier, more sustainable life.

Between our international experience and domestic work, you’ll be able to get a global perspective on issues like food waste and dehydrator uses. From close-to-home topics like DIY projects for kids to far-off ventures in Uganda, we’ll be providing you with a full view of everything KinoSol does. We won’t just be focusing on KinoSol, though: there are a lot of great ways to prevent food waste and to get the most out of your dehydrators, and we want to bring all of it together in one easy place for you to find. 

While we’re excited to share the content we’ve already prepared for you, we at KinoSol want to make sure that we’re providing you with the information you want to see here. Our comments will always remain a safe, open forum for discussion and engagement; share any questions you may want answered regarding dehydration, KinoSol, or global food waste as well as any ideas you want to see in our videos or posts. This is a new adventure for us, and one we’re thrilled to share with you.

Be sure to leave any questions or ideas you have in the comments below and check back soon to see the sweet surprises we have in store!