Agricultural Entrepreneurship in Uganda

While KinoSol is focused on reducing food waste, we've found that there is the unique opportunity to continue pursuing our mission, and open the doors to allow others to help us, while educating them at the same time. 

We've recently launched a program, where we partner with universities here in the U.S. to conduct agriculture and social entrepreneurship travel courses to Uganda. Students have the opportunity to learn practical entrepreneurship skills, work with Ugandan entrepreneurs, and help KinoSol move our mission forward of reducing food waste.

During this trip students will explore the startup ecosystem in Uganda, network with social entrepreneurs, and learn about the impact entrepreneurship and agriculture has on the Ugandan culture.

Students will gain first hand experience working with small-scale farmers throughout Uganda, and helping to educate them on the benefits of food dehydration, while learning about traditional agricultural practices.


Trip Impact

Students will travel with KinoSol, a company based in Iowa focused on decreasing global food waste. Students will conduct research on the agriculture market, assist with community trainings to educate farmers on food preservation, and implement KinoSol solar food dehydrators.

Each KinoSol dehydrator supports an average of 6 individuals, providing them with more nutritious food during months of no harvest, and an additional revenue stream through selling dried outputs at local markets. Travelers will have a chance to experience communities' gratitude for this life-changing technology first-hand, and open students’ eyes to new cultures and ways of life, giving participants a more global perspective.

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